Barge Advantages

Advantages of the BarberWind Barge Mounted Twin Turbine Design
  • Built on standard ocean going barge
  • Turbine installed on barge in port (no specialized ocean going crane ships needed)
  • Can be anchored in very deep water without utilizing a lot of ocean “real estate”
    • Out of sight of land and away from recreational boat traffic
    • Land and sea breezes go out about ten miles causing the wind to die down twice a day
      • Sea and Land Breezes describe the wind that blows onshore from sea to land during the day and blows offshore in the evening.
  • No underwater structure to ocean floor needed
  • Prior to a potential hurricane, or for maintenance, the twin turbines can be laid down in hours, towed at a right angle of the hurricane path and returned the next day
  • Has no gear box and no hydraulic oil
    • Gear boxes have to be changed every few years
    • No chance of fire or oil spill
  • Has no yaw bearing
    • Yaw bearing need replaced often because of the loads and corrosion imparted by waves and salt water
    • Yaw bearings are very expensive and even more expensive to replace
    • Having no yaw bearing allows the tower to be a much stronger bridge design
  • Twin turbines turning in opposite directions negate gyroscopic rotating forces which allows the barge to stay downwind – stern thruster to fine tune direction and overcome any current
  • Robust tower and turbine wheel design
  • Gyroscopic forces of the turning turbines will greatly reduce the for and aft barge motion due to waves

Top 5 Advantages

  • No Gear Box
  • No Yaw Bearing
  • Anchor in very deep water
  • Out of sight from land
  • Hurricane Resistant

This system keeps the barge in a relatively small area even in very deep water. Buoy stays in place even when the barge is moved for servicing or to avoid a hurricane.