Rim Advantages

Advantages of the BarberWind Rim Drive
  • Supports the blades at the tips
    • Eliminates cantilevering (blades have the most load on their tips)(dramatically reduces blade fatigue.)
    • Prevents blades from hitting tower during storms or harmonic gusts
  • Having no gearbox and having the generators lower on the tower lowers the center of gravity greatly reducing loads on the tower created by waves
  • Avoids the extreme high torque when energy is captured at the hub
  • Flywheel effect smooths out electrical production
  • Having the blades supported at the tips eliminates blade fatigue caused by wave motion
  • Thinner and far more aerodynamically efficient blades
  • Allows the design to withstand much higher winds
  • Telltales (plastic strips) on the rods eliminates bird and bat strikes
  • The wheel is inherently one of the strongest designs known
Approximately 40% lower total cost of electrical production than Offshore Wind Turbines on the market.