A New Day Has Dawned in Wind Turbine Technology.
BarberWind Turbines is a groundbreaking wind technology company that designs, manufactures, constructs and maintains wind energy assets.

Introducing the BarberWind Turbines 800kW The BarberWind Turbines 800kW is designed to serve the mid-size wind market. It has been engineered to perfectly fit the needs of industrial parks and data centers, small communities, farms and ranches, water treatment plants, island nations, amusement parks, sports arenas, and other commercial complexes that require a greener, more cost effective means of supplying electricity.

Our Technology Transforms Wind Power

Cost Effective. 
Our revolutionary design eliminates the nacelle and gearbox so is less expensive to purchase, install and maintain. 

More Productive.
This elegant design has five lightweight blades supported by a rim so captures a greater percentage of available wind and delivers higher annual output of electricity. 

More Transportable. 
Our lightweight yet robust turbine fits into five standard semi-trailers or six 40′ ocean going containers so can be installed in locations previously deemed inaccessible. 

Environmentally Friendly. 
Our graceful turbine turns more slowly so creates less noise and, from a distance, disappears into the landscape.