Features and Benefits

The BarberWind Turbines 800kW transforms wind power. It is less expensive to purchase, install and maintain. And, it captures a greater percentage of available wind producing the lowest electricity cost of any mid-sized turbine. Simply elegant.

Utilizes Efficient Rim-Driven Technology

  • Eliminates the need for a heavy, expensive, high maintenance gear box and nacelle
  • Allows the energy to be harvested from the rim rather than the center (higher speed/lower torque)
  • Supports blade tips at the rim where the loads are highest allowing us to produce lighter weight, less expensive blades
  • Improves wind capture by utilizing five blades rather than three
  • Reduces drag and noise by utilizing five blades that turn 3/5’s as fast as 3 blades.
  • Smoothes electricity generation with flywheel effect
  • Offers the lowest cut-in speed of any mid-sized turbine increasing consistent operation
  • Captures a higher % of available wind than current model wind turbines
  • Supports variable pitch mechanism that varies the blade pitch for changing wind speeds
  • Allows the blades to provide the ideal leading edge angle for varying wind speeds

Improves Transportation Options

  • Allows all components to ship in five standard semi-trailers or six 40′ ocean going containers
  • Allows delivery to previously inaccessible locations such as mountaintops and severe slopes
  • Eliminates overweight and over-length highway costs

Lowers Installation and Maintenance Costs

  • Eliminates the use of heavy, expensive cranes
  • Eliminates gear box service and maintenance
  • Utilizes standard components that are available off the shelf in most cities

Greater Value and Shorter Payback Period

  • Produces the lowest cost per kilowatt of any mid-sized turbine
  • Shortens payback period for customers and investors

Environmentally Friendly

  • Lattice Tower disappears in the shorter distance
  • Blades resemble glider airplane wings
  • Slower rim speed is friendly to birds

Replaces Diesel Power Economically

  • Reduces cost per kilowatt hour. Electricity generated with Diesel GEN sets cost between $.35 and $.65 per kilowatt hour