The Wind Solution

BarberWind Turbines Exclusive Technology Is Making Wind Power As Economical As Coal And Natural Gas

In an age of monolithic sized wind turbines designed for large wind farm spaces, the BarberWind Turbines 800kW 170’ Rim-Driven turbine is engineered to fill a large gap currently found in the wind industry, offering machines designed for community wind applications.

BarberWind Turbines technology offers the only solution to the costly and maintenance ridden gearboxes found on other wind turbine designs. We have no nacelle and no gearbox. Our turbine also features an innovative supportive rim with five blades. The supportive rim makes each blade a complete airfoil by keeping the entire leading edge of the blade perfectly into the wind at all times. Unlike traditional wind turbines the tips of our blades do not bow back out of the wind losing energy from the most productive area of the blade. The turbine is significantly more efficient than traditional wind turbines and is also much more cost effective. This inventive design will change the viability of wind energy. It makes the BarberWind Turbines 800kW machine the economically viable solution to community wind needs.

Many good wind sites cannot accommodate huge, utility-scale turbines. A large number of sites, especially those around populated areas, are better suited to an 800kW machine. The BarberWind Turbines 800kW is the perfect solution for remote installations, severe slope installations, or high altitude installations. It is highly transportable allowing it to reach areas otherwise inaccessible to larger machines. Each turbine ships via standard transportation in five standard semi-trailers or six 40′ ocean going containers. This allows the 800kW to be airlifted to virtually any wind site in the US, and around the world.

More easily transported, erected, maintained, and financed than the large megawatt units, the BarberWind Turbines 800kW is the financially sound choice for community wind projects, commercial/industrial sites, large farms/ranches, college or high school campuses, and other places where net-metered power can be utilized. It provides the perfect balance between economic output and appropriate scale.

Don’t be fooled by its size, the BarberWind Turbines 800kW is also powerful enough to be used as a lower height alternative for many wind farm operations. The BarberWind Turbines 800kW will be built according to strict IEC 61400 guidelines to insure the highest degree of quality for a long service life. With its sleek profile, ultra-low noise signature, and highly efficient output, the BarberWind Turbines 800kW is an elegant solution for energy generation. It will be manufactured in the United States, reducing shipping costs and delivery times.