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Gerald (Jerry) L. Barber

Inventor, Founder & Chairman of the Board

Curriculum Vitae

Gerald (Jerry) L. Barber
25 Woods Lake Road, Ste. 312
Greenville, SC  29607
Phone: 864.626.3310
Email: [email protected]

I have a proven track record of successfully inventing and commercializing technology for over fifty years.  I have a particularly strong ability to reduce complexity in design and technology and have an unparalleled safety record bringing large scale technology to market.  I currently hold over sixty U.S. patents in varying fields.  


The Ohio State University

Bachelor of Science in Comprehensive Science in Education
Concentration in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology

Professional Experience

BarberWind Turbines LLC
December 2008 – Present
Inventor and Chairman of the Board

  • Invent and develop a transformative concept for wind energy that makes renewable energy accessible and affordable for people all over the world
  • Systematically re-engineer every problematic element of current wind technology creating a simpler, more efficient solution that delivers the Lowest Cost Of Energy in the wind industry and reduces carbon emissions
  • Utilize world-class innovation to improve resilience, disaster preparedness and recovery for areas prone to extreme weather
  • Create jobs and support local economies improving the standard of living for those who live in the community
  • Meet with top wind energy sector engineers, academic facilities, and leading aeronautical companies around the globe during the engineering phase of development
  • Work with multiple IP attorney firms to create and successfully file all patent applications
  • Own thirteen (13) issued U.S. patents and six (6) International patents covering my new wind energy technology
  • Author eight (8) U.S. patent-pending applications covering my new wind energy technology and twenty-two (22) International patent-pending applications covering my new wind energy technology
  • Source and secure top executive team
  • Issued U.S. Wind Turbine Patents:
    • US 8,487,471 B2 Floating Wind Turbine with Turbine Anchor 
    • US 8,466,577 B2 Wind Turbine with Adjustable Electrical Generator 
    • US 8,373,298 B2 Electrical Generator for Wind Turbine 
    • US 8,164,212 B2 Floating Wind Turbine with Turbine Anchor 
    • US 7,825,532 B1 Electrical Generator for Wind Turbine 
    • US 8,109,727 B2 Wind Turbine 
    • US 7,825,532 B1 Electrical Generator for Wind Turbine 
    • US 8,134,251 B2 Wind Turbine 
    • US 8,174,142 B2 Wind Turbine with Paired Generators 
    • US 8,178,993 B1 Floating Wind Turbine with Turbine Anchor 
    • US 8,258,645 B2 Wind Turbine with Sail Extensions 
    • US 9,279,414 B2 Wind Turbine with Movable Generator
    • US 9,989,038 B2 Wind Turbine with Improved Safety Features

Sunbelt Capital, Inc.
1987 - 2000
President and CEO

  • Founded, owned and managed the company to maturity ultimately increasing the initial investment tenfold
  • Grew the company to become the largest finance company of amusement rides in North America for the last ten (10) years of operation financing 150 – 200 rides a year
  • Developed a software algorithm that allowed for seasonal payment programs that interfaced with Bank of America
  • Interviewed, hired and managed twelve (12) employees

Venture Ride Manufacturing Company
1972 – 1990
President and CEO

  • Recognizing a need for amusement ride innovation in the traveling carnival market, founded and operated the company for 18 years
  • Grew the company to become the second large ride manufacturing company in the U.S.
  • Designed, developed and manufactured at least 30 different amusement rides and reproduced about 100 rides per year
  • Invented and licensed the Free Fall Amusement Ride (Tower of Terror, Demon Drop, etc.)
  • Engineered and manufactured rides for an operation lifetime of 50 years
  • Was recognized as having the best safety record in the industry
  • Invented thirty-eight U.S. patents; Commercialized twenty-two U.S. patents
  • Interviewed, hired and employed seventy (70) people
  • Sold the company in 1990

Chance Rides Manufacturing
1968 – 1971
Assistant to the President

  • Recruited by the President of Chance Rides, the largest amusement ride manufacturing company in the U.S., to be his and the General Manager’s assistant
  • Designed, developed and tested large-scale amusement rides for large amusement parks and smaller venues
  • Designed a modification of The Zipper that improved its loading capacity and made it one of Chance Rides best sellers and most successful rides even today
  • Traveled with the President inside and outside the U.S. to tradeshows, vendor meetings, and development meetings

Cory-Rawson High School
1964 – 1968

  • Recruited by the Superintendent of Schools to be the youngest high school principle in the state of Ohio
  • Responsible for all aspects of school management
  • Interviewed and hired teaching staff and professional staff
  • Responsible for student discipline and counseling
  • During this time developed the Turbo amusement ride and licensed it to Chance Rides Manufacturing 

Taylor Publishing Company
Sales Associate

  • Responsible for developing and servicing seventy (70) high school yearbooks in Northwest, Ohio
  • Worked with yearbook editors on layout, content, and photography
  • Coordinated logistics and delivery

Greenon High School
1961 – 1963
Science Teacher

  • Taught grades 9 – 12 physics, chemistry, and biology
  • Developed students to move them into higher learning science courses
  • At this time started building amusement rides and operated them during summer season

Professional Honors and Awards

1995 SIBF Allan J. McDonald International Entrepreneur Award for excellence in global entrepreneurship

2010 InnoVision Dr. Charles Townes Individual Achievement Award honoring lifetime achievement in innovation, science and technology

2015 Inducted into the Outdoor Amusement Business Association Hall of Fame for industry innovations and contributions to the growth of the outdoor, mobile amusement industry

2015 Roper Mountain Science Center Individual Spirit of Einstein Award

Professional Memberships

The Society of International Business Fellows (Class of 1991)

Board / Committee Work

The Society of International Business Fellows (2005 – 2007)
The Reef Ball Foundation (current)
The Beach Ball Foundation (co-founder, retired)
Roper Mountain Science Center Vision 2020 For Science Committee (2008) 


Master sailor
International travel
Formula One racing
Indy Series racing
Spending quality time with family and friends
Following local, state, national and global views