Company Overview

BarberWind Turbines, LLC is a groundbreaking wind technology company.

  • Formed in 2010, BarberWind Turbines (BWT) introduces a new, innovative technology to the mid-sized wind turbine market; one delivering lower cost, superior efficiency, reduced downtime and lighter maintenance
  • BWT holds the exclusive license for both patents and engineering to manufacture onshore wind turbines invented by Gerald “Jerry” L. Barber
  • Our 220-foot BWT 800kW prototype was manufactured in Merino, CO and installed in Hooker, OK
  • During the ongoing prototype testing multiple upgrades and improvements were created which are all now patent-pending and will appear on all production models.
  • The BWT 800kW is scheduled to be installed in our first market Q2 2021
THE SPARK Holding over sixty US patents, and being most widely known for his invention of the free-fall ride found all around the world today, (the Tower of Terror, Demon Drop, Giant Drop, etc.), Jerry Barber became interested in renewable wind energy eight years ago, when he learned that current wind turbines have a large gearbox in the center of the blades.

Holding a degree in physics and owning the 2nd largest amusement ride manufacturing company in the US for eighteen years, Mr. Barber has always known not to put a large gearbox in the middle of a ride…it always breaks down. And, sure enough, when he began researching current wind turbine technology, the overwhelming maintenance nightmare is indeed, the SUV-sized gearbox necessary to run current turbines. And, so, he began developing new technology for wind energy with a focus on eliminating every costly element and every maintenance ridden feature of current technology. He found the top three to be:
  • Gearbox. Costing upwards of $400k to purchase, requiring heavy specialized maintenance to sustain the massive generator, hot oil, and cooling fans, housed inside it’s nacelle, having to be refurbished/replaced every 3-to-5 years at a cost of up to $300k, and being one of the main components driving up insurance costs due to fires inside the nacelle, it is one of the leading costs of current turbines. Our turbine does not have a gearbox.
  • Transportation. Current wind turbines need specialized transportation and multiple permits due to the monolithic size of their blades and towers. Our turbine ships in standard 40’ containers anywhere in the world.
  • Installation. Large crawler cranes renting at over $100,000.00 a day and requiring specialized labor are needed to install current turbines. Our lifting system eliminates the need for cranes.