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S. Alan Spring

After graduating from The Ohio State University in 1987 with a Master’s Degree in Aeronautical Engineering, Mr. Spring began his career in the Aerospace industry by joined the McDonnell Douglas Corporation in St. Louis, Missouri.  

With a passion for everything that flies, Alan was heavily involved in multiple aircraft design programs, specializing in applying advanced numerical analysis within the design environment at McDonnell Douglas.

In 1995 Mr. Spring left the large corporate environment to pursue his entrepreneurial spirit and joined ASE Technologies.

The three-man engineering services company grew rapidly and Mr. Spring led the effort to open a second office in Greenville, South Carolina.

Thanks to the success and growth of the business, the company was soon acquired by QuEST Global, where Mr. Spring continued his career growth attending to the successful integration of the two offices, the continued growth and maturity of the engineering teams, and the company as a whole.

During his tenure, Mr. Spring served as the Engineering Director and Chief Engineer in the Aviation and Power Generation Sectors for many engineering programs, including multiple new product introductions.

As an avid sailor, scuba diver and private pilot, Mr. Spring has combined his excitement of fluid dynamics, engineering, and business development in both his personal and professional lives, most recently consulting for BarberWind Turbines before joining them as Chief Operating Officer in 2017.