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BARBERWIND TURBINES, LLC Announces Demonstration Project in Concordia, Kansas

Greenville, South Carolina | January 14, 2020 - BarberWind Turbines LLC, a revolutionary wind technology company, is excited to announce that they have selected Concordia, Kansas as the demonstration site for their second-generation mid-sized wind turbine. The project will be located at Route 81 and Milo Road, about seven miles south of Concordia town center. BarberWind Turbines has leased three acres of land from a local farming family for 25 years.

BarberWind Turbines has selected Concordia Technologies, LLC to be the manufacturer and fabricator of their innovative turbine design which has been certified by DNV GL. Locating the demonstration site close to the factory will expedite the project and allow daily, in person coordination, between BWT site engineers and factory personnel.

The Power Purchase Agreement has been negotiated with Sunflower Electric Power Corporation. The interconnect will be executed with Prairie Land Electric Cooperative.

“We wanted our demonstration turbine to be located within driving distance of the factory to speed up the installation of the turbine”, said Jerry Barber, Inventor and chairman of the board. “We are grateful to Prairie Land and Sunflower for working with us to make this possible.”

“The demonstration project will showcase the innovative technology of the BWT800kW which uses 1,280 blades on 64 spokes instead of the traditional trio of blades that are typically over 100 feet long each. The smaller blades act as airfoils, automatically customizing their pitch to capture a greater percentage of available wind, making this turbine more efficient than other turbines of its size”, said Debbie O’Hara, CMO. “It’s the perfect solution for micro-grid and other distributed energy applications.”

BarberWind Turbines broke ground at the site in December 2019. "After nine years in development, we are excited to have reached this milestone, " said Tammy Barber, Owner and COO for BarberWind Turbines. "We are fortunate to be working with such progressive people as we've found in Concordia." 




The transformational BarberWind Turbines 800kW wind turbine has been designed for microgrid, stand alone and other distributed generation applications especially those systems currently dependent on diesel fuel such as the ones on islands, farms and ranches. The design, which has been certified by DNV GL, includes a built-in lifting system so the turbine can be erected without an expensive crane, can be hinged down during the approach of severe weather or a hurricane, and can survive a Cat. 5 (155mph) when lowered. The BWT800kW can be shipped in standard containers and is forecast to be the most economical renewable energy solution in the world.