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BARBERWIND TURBINES, LLC Receives DNV GL Statement of Feasibility

Greenville, South Carolina | November 1, 2019 – DNV GL has awarded BarberWind Turbines’ BWT800kW wind turbine with a Statement of Feasibility. BarberWind Turbines’ revolutionary wind turbine has been designed specifically for distributed generation applications and will deliver affordable renewable energy to regions currently using expensive diesel systems or areas that don’t have electricity at all.

“Earning this prestigious certification from DNV GL, partnering with us as an independent advisor, proves the integrity of our wind turbine design,” says Tammy Barber, Owner and COO.  “DNV GL’s Statement of Feasibility reduces the risk associated with adopting new innovation for our customers and investors.”

This kind of disruptive design could only have come from outside the wind industry. "We built this wind turbine using knowledge gained from manufacturing massive amusement park rides,” says Jerry Barber, Inventor and Chairman of the Board. “We were able to approach the design with fresh eyes and without preconceived ideas of what a wind turbine should be. DNV GL’s validation of our concept is a huge milestone for us.”

“DNV GL believes that certification should be prepared to deal with innovation and that we have a useful role to play in the management of risk along the road to commercialization. We are looking forward to the next stages of this innovative take on the production of wind power,” says Claudio Bittencourt Ferreira, Business Development Director at DNV GL Renewables Certification.