Our Commitments


At BarberWind, we are committed to furthering the transition to renewable energy for communities across the globe. Our solution for distributed generation will bring electricity to people who have previously been deemed too remote or isolated for a system other than diesel. We are determined to improve the lives of people by providing electricity to them for the first time or by lowering their cost of electricity and making them less dependent on dirty diesel systems.


We believe that renewable energy is the future. And that the younger generations are optimistic about greener, cleaner ways of generating power that reduce carbon emissions and are kinder to the earth. We love to engage these younger STEM students and teach them about our technology and the opportunities for employment in the RE sector.  Collaborations include: Greenville High School, Montford North Star Academy and Cloud County Community College.


Native American and Alaskan communities are often on micro grids in isolated or remote locations. We are committed to working with Tribal Leaders and Government entities to explore ways that our technology can enhance the lives of our Native American communities.


At BarberWind we value our relationships with our suppliers and our stakeholders and promise to always act with honesty, fairness and transparency.