Financial Comparison

BWOT vs Market
  • BWOT unit system cost for series production is approximately    $3M USD for the turbine.
  • Annual O&M system cost $22.5K USD
  • BWOT LCOE is $23 USD/MWh, (2.3¢ USD/kWh), at 48% capacity factor, 7% discount rate and 25 years design life for series production level*

*BWOT is less than half the LCOE for traditional onshore and offshore Wind LCOE in the market (See slide 3, 14,16, vs slide 20)

*BWOT is less than half the LCOE for fossil fuel comparisons as included in the presentation from 2016 IEA Reports

*State or Federal Tax Credits, and Carbon Credits are not included in these numbers

* Conservative assumptions made at 48% capacity factor until testing phase is complete.  Georgia Tech estimated 50% capacity factor. Current turbines on the market are at 43-44% capacity factor