Barge Mounted Turbine


The Barge Mounted BarberWind 1.6MW Offshore Wind Turbine Is Addressing The Cost Drivers Challenging The Offshore Wind Industry With Its Transformational, Simple-Yet-Robust, Technology

BWOT Costs Approximately 50% Less Than Current Offshore Wind Turbines.  Why?  We Have Eliminated The Seven Most Expensive Components Of Offshore Wind.

  • BWOT Has No Gear Box/Nacelle
  • BWOT Has No Yaw Bearing
  • BWOT Has No Electrical Slip Rings
  • BWOT Has No Tower Sitting On The Seabed
    • Our Turbine Is Barge Mounted
  • BWOT Has No Large Expensive Blades
    • Our Segmented 8-inch Pultruded Fiberglass Self-Pitching Blades Cover All Cables
  • BWOT Has No Blade Pitch Drive/No Pitch Controls
    • Our Blades Pitch Automatically
  • BWOT Has NO Need For Maintenance Support Ships
    • Our Simple Built-in Lifting System Allows Tower To Be Lowered For Maintenance
 BarberWind Turbines Offshore Turbine rendering