Engineering Partners

Jan Ibsoe, Senior Consultant and Member of the Board, Denmark

Meldgaard, Composite Lab, Denmark: Blade design

Thomas Dalgaard, TD Engineering, Denmark

Keystone Engineering, Metairie, LA: Barge and tower structure 

Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA

  Georgia Tech Research Institute

  Aerospace, Transportation & Advanced Systems Lab

  The George W. Woodruff School of Mechanical Engineering & Industrial Design

  Integrated Product Lifecycle Engineering Laboratory

  School of Aerospace Engineering

DAR Corporation, Lawrence, KS: Blade Design

Moore School of Business, Columbia, SC: University of South Carolina Capstone Project Researching International Markets

Michelin Research Division, Geenville, SC: Chose and Donated Drive Tires

Valmont Composite Structures, Newberry, SC: Blades

Concordia Technologies, Concordia, KS: 

Wisdom Rides, Merino, CO: Manufacturing of Prototype

Chance Ride Manufacturing, Wichita, KS: Very Large Ferris Wheel Engineering 

Avanti Wind Systems, Denmark: Platforms, Ladders and Doors

Mita-Teknik, Denmark: Controls

Patriot Automation Daedalus, Easley, SC: Electrical Panels

Thern, Inc., Winona, MN: Winch