Global Development

Highlights of Global Wind Power Development 2014-15
  • Global installations in 2014 hit a record 51.2 GW, representing 42% growth over 2013 installations
  • Offshore wind cumulative installations by end of 2014 is 7,697 MW.  A significant
  • A significant bumper in 2015, as a substantial part of the 2014 planned openings actually happened in 2015
  • Wind power capacity installations in 2016 are expected to keep up the momentum and grow by more than 20%
  • Wind power delivered at least 3.4% of the world's electricity in 2014, a figure expected to grow to 6.7 % by 2019
  • Germany is phasing out Nuclear and is now 100% focused on Offshore Wind Energy
  • US PTC Scheme received a 5-year continuous extension until 2020
  • First Offshore Wind Farm in US went into operation in 2016 (Deepwater Wind, Block Island, RI)
  • DONG Energy entered the US Offshore Wind Energy Market in 2015
  • COP21 resulted in a Global Climate Agreement