Blade Advantages

  • Revolutionary patent-pending 8-inch airfoil blades
  • 64 blades per turbine
  • 46,000sqft of Sweep Area
  • Automatically self-pitching and self-twisting
  • A complete airfoil automatically keeping the entire leading edge of the blade perfectly into the wind at all times
  • Blade tips do not bow back out of the wind losing energy from the most productive area of the blade 
  • Produces power coefficients (Cp) approaching 50%
  • Delivers higher torque at startup providing very low cut-in speeds  
  • Power production performance 20 – 30% higher than other blade designs
  • Pultruded fiberglass greatly reduces harmonics
  • Blades on every cable (spoke) is friendly to birds by eliminating large empty spaces for birds to fly through
  • Eliminates the drag of the cables
  • Automatically holds itself at the ideal angle of attack to the apparent wind to achieve maximum lift
  • Self-pitching blades eliminate the need for the complex blade pitching system of motors, cables, bearings and computer control eliminating one of the major on-going maintenance expenses on other turbines

Offshore Blade Advantages